A cake of another sort…


Tonight I wanted a simple meal that would be entirely filling…and I think I hit it well.

Again, I headed over to the always amazing, always reliable, and always salivate-inducing Smitten Kitchen–but this time it was no browsing…I immediately knew what I wanted: potato pancakes.

Ever since I ordered some Zaftig’s famous potato pancakes last week to go (as a dinner option) after my lunching, subsequently forgetting them on the table when I left, and did not realize until hours after I’d gotten home, I’ve been dying for some potato-ey goodness. And good, good, good was her recipe. It was light, yet delish and so easy to cook up.


Instead of using small grated onion in mine, I substituted with green onions, which was subtle and light kind of like tonight’s weather. And since I didn’t have a cheese cloth on hand, I settled for good ol’ paper towels to wring out the shredded potato so the batter didn’t end up watery–and it surprisingly worked really well, too. Noted: cheese cloth not a necessity but be sure to repeat the process of squeezing the grated potato more than once (I chose twice in 10 minutes–letting it sit betwixt first and second so most of the potato starch/juice would float to the bottom of the bowl).


The potatoes should be as dry as possible to the touch before whisking flour, egg, salt and pepper in a separate bowl. I then stirred in my deeelish potato shreds and coated as well as I could. It looked like my flour-egg wash mixture wasn’t going to be enough when I first started–but fear not! Keep swirling those potatos around in the mixture and it will eventually coat every last drop, believe it or not.


I fried mine up real quick, and served them with a pile of spring mix greens lightly dressed in a homemade oil and champagne vinegar concoction. Oh, of course, I enjoy my potato pancakes with unsweetened applesauce and sour cream, but I fully intend on remixing this meal tomorrow with the leftovers: envisioning now a glorious “breakfast for dinner” type thing by poaching up an egg and putting it over a potato pancake and some leftover greens. Yuuum.


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