It’s Monday Night…and I’m avoiding that afghan again…


Because I clearly have issue finishing a project before beginning yet another one, and because I am avoiding the fact that my Come Monday Night (which came a long time ago…and went) afghan might soon involve a major hunt to find more skeins of the yarns used (eek! why do I always start an afghan without planning out and counting over the skeins available in my stash!? I do this EVERY afghan and it’s nearly always a struggle to find the exact colors again, as some are always bound to be sold out, discontinued, or otherwise unavails…), I have taken to rolling out a bunch of new circles for a giant granny square crochet afghan, which will be anchored by one brilliantly bright color as yet undecided but wavering towards yellow or white.

For some reason of late, I’ve taken completely to crochet; I go through stages, for sure. And right now, that stage has left me a happy hooker. No worrying about dropping stitches off my needles and the like.

This afghan will undoubtedly take quite some time; I’ve got about 10 of these circles completed (without their ends weaved in of course) and I figure I’ll need upwards of 100+ to make a nice large afghan, but it’s a pleasure so far.

At least the “Come Monday Night” is getting much larger. Must force self to work on it since it’s a wedding gift…but can’t seem to muster….

Check out more shots of the circles for this afghan at my flickr set.


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