I do feel skinny in this afghan…


A whole while bck–circa last December–I was in a frenzy to crochet up these extra long, super bulky, and wacky colored scarves for everyone I knew. And I’ve finally properly photographed the delicious neck sweaters (they so long and bulky you might as well be wearing a sweater that’s how warm they are) and thought about making some more before the weather turns yet again (…with all this rain, it makes me panick that we’ll never have a moment of summer sun in Boston this year!).

If you remember correct, my humble readers, I used a honkin’ big crochet hook–size P; and I chained 150 lengthwise and did a row of double crochet and a row of single crochet. The entire scarf was modeled after this brilliant one I saw called “200″ by John Brinegar–which you can check out at his blog or in Ravelry. Mine isn’t as long as his and some of them are thicker–and I also used a larger hook and skipped the fringe. Either way, this is a marvelous design and I’m uber-pleased with the inspiration and the result of the mods.

Thanks to my wonderful friend–and faithful reader–Mackenzie, who got one of her own of these scarves for Christmas last year–I’ve finally conceived of a name for this baby: The Skinny Afghan. Apparently, when she brought it home, her boyfriend Jon likened it to a “skinny afghan” since it’s so long and bulky and all that hoo–so thanks Jon, it was inspired! And it’s now called The Skinny Afghan in your delightful honor.

You can check out more views of the amazing Skinny Afghan at its flickr set.

2 responses to “I do feel skinny in this afghan…”

    • thanks much! they are so snuggly warm. michigan and boston have similarly brutal winters. i approve this as helpful. if you know anyone who wants one, i make them up for anyone, all customizable colors, for a small fee.

      thanks again for reading.

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