Yes but no! but Yes!

Yes, but no!, but yes! is right, for sure.

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This is bacon being knitted. Not a cool pattern mimicking bacon, but the actual pork product knitted up on chopsticks.

I’ve now seen it all. You can read about it at Yes, But No, But Yes! (The knitted bacon actually brought to you by a Vermonter!)

That being said, I’ve finally purchased the $5 chart for the greatest knit/crochet bacon inspired scarf I’ve ever seen. Can’t wait to find the appropriate yarns and get started.

File Under: Forked over the cash…now I’m porked.

Cheer me up with these glasses!

How badly do I want the delicious “Ripped” and “Frogged” pint glasses for frothy bevvies, on sale at the brilliant knitting community Ravelry.

The pair, which feature the knitting terms for ripping back work when an error is found (sometimes really far back, making ripping the most dreadful of sorts) and for frogging a project off one set of needles and onto another to be used in a different project. I currently have a number of items that need frogging as they’ve sat dormant for too long, probably never to be finished.

The pint glasses are $12 for the pair.

While I dream of the day I actually buy these for myself, you can follow me on Ravelry by keeping track of my works in progress, finished designs and patterns, as well as what’s in my stash and my queue to knit up, in the meantime.

Tonight is “Danger”, baby, I feel so dangerous…

monsters 2

One of my closest friends from college, Jessica “Mim” George–who blogs delicious treats (she’s a cupcake baker extraorindaire, ok?!) over at Go Team Sweet! and did a post about her cupcaking and a post about her hula hooping fascination for Kraftworkin’ a year or so ago–has recently moved back stateside after living in New Zeland for some odd years.

And since she decided, upon returning, to so graciously make a trip back to the city of our colleging days–and where I still reside–I had to come up with some kitschy love to gift her on arrival. Jessica is nothing shy of kistch herself; she likes anything non-human/non-animal which boasts eyes, and once worked in a vinyl toy shop. Clearly, she’s easy to please.

Not only did I make her a KK Bubble Boss, a recycled tshirt scarf,  a piggy i-Pod case, knitted hearts with eyes, a change purse, a raincloud, and a host of other treats like badges, I also deliciously knitted up her one of my favorite patterns of late, the “Daphne and Delilah” by the beyond brilliant knitting designer Rebecca Danger of Danger Craft. You can check out Rebecca’s delicious blog here, or even buy up some of her patterns at Etsy.

Since making these yummy monsters, I have since purchased 5 more delightful Danger Craft patterns–and she gives you great deals on bundle packages!

Jessica, of course, squeeled over the monster I gave her (yellow, at left), and I’ve since begun knitting up more kitschy love for a package to send in the future.

Of course, as always, you can see more snaps at my Flickr set.

File Under: Jessica and I definitely did the monster mash. Here’s hoping she moves to Boston again for good!

And the ship he came on…


In honor of my American Indian pride, I have created these lovely “Fuck Columbus” badges featuring a Columbus lying with  whole cache of arrows in his person. I found the imge quite some time ago, fell in love, and saved it off for a time in which I figured I could make myself a personal treat. It has come, but I wish I could find the image again to thank/give credit to the originator. I have searched tirelessly, to no avail, so if anyone knows, have at me please.

Furthermore, after poking hither and thither in search of the aforementioned, I found this delicious tshirt, which states “Fuck Columbus and the Ship He Came On”. Drool, I want one. Want. Want Want.

File Under: The ship has sailed–giving off these buttons for free to any who wants to ride the wave.

Swinging into my day…


I have two important favorites in life: anything mustard-based or mustard colored, and, gnomes.

So, honestly, what could be better than receiving a gift from a good friend which features not one, but both, of these fantastic favorites…and introducing another absolute must favorite into the mix: coffee!

Yes, my good friend Mackenzie recently gifted me this delicious mustard colored gnome coffee mug, of which I can’t stop drinking my delicious good stuff morn, afternoon, and night in. The back inscription reads “La balancoire d’Arthur”, which means “Arthur’s Swing” in French… I’m assuming this little guy is Arthur, naturally, and I want to “swing” into my day with him anytime.

You can scoop up similar delicious products by checking here. Unfortunately for you, you don’t have such a splendid friend that gifts it to you. Thanks Mack!

Latest Addiction: Yarn from Recycled Tees.

I am hereby pledge I am absolutely addicted to the genius idea of making beautiful, bulky yarn balls from recycled t-shirts, as M.K. Lawrie currently has featured in her amazing shop.

The skeins of cotton yarn (featuring white, what looks like navy/black, and yummy grays and teals) start around $7.50 and you can bet I’ll be buying up some stock in this while secretly wishing I could figure out how she does it. I’m assuming by cutting the t-shirts into one long stip, but even so, I can’t quite wrap my brain around how perfect the skeins appear.

So, go green–knit or crochet with M.K.’s brills yarns.

More knitting by the lakeside..or is it thigh side?


Exciting news! A bit of progress on the Lakeside Lace Socks by Julia Vaconsin. With a few changes to note…

I’ve decided to make them thigh highs on the idea that I may actually:

1. Wear them more (with dresses and skirts in fall)

2. I will have the added ability to show off their lace work detail, as I envision myself wearing them with boots and that would lose a whole honkin’ lot of inches of that lacey goodness.

And while it will take me added time to actually finish these puppies, I think in the long run, I’ll be more pleased. If not, I can just gift them off or sell them.

With the new changes, surprisingly, the lace calf detail on the back was not compromised because I have such stubby legs, and so, I soldier on.


Enter your wagers now on how long you think it will take me to actually finish these puppies (considering the other multiple projects I have going on, including a big one with a deadline and delicious fall knits too irrisitible to hold off on).

As always, more views of the socks at the Flickr Set.

A Heart-y dose of kitsch love…


I love knitting up little tiny toys. Lately, I’ve been stockpiling a whole bunch of tiny knitted hearts, courtesy a pattern from MochiMochi.

Some of these tweedy littles will have eyes (instead of embroidering them as I usually do, I’ve decided to use black felt paint, which will be so easy!) and some will remain happy hearts without faces. I think I might do them in all different colors.

And if I actually make the craft fair rounds next summer, I thought I could sell hearts and fishes and the like filled with homegrown cat nip, for all the furry feline lovers out there. What do you think? Would you buy one for your little lion? I would.

As always, you can see more snaps of the hearts at my Flickr set.

Inspiration for knitting kitsch? Cornershop, “Sleep on the Left Side”, naturally. Yum.