Cheer me up with these glasses!

How badly do I want the delicious “Ripped” and “Frogged” pint glasses for frothy bevvies, on sale at the brilliant knitting community Ravelry. The pair, which feature the knitting terms for ripping back work when an error is found (sometimes really far back, making ripping the most dreadful of sorts) and for frogging a projectContinue reading “Cheer me up with these glasses!”

Tonight is “Danger”, baby, I feel so dangerous…

One of my closest friends from college, Jessica “Mim” George–who blogs delicious treats (she’s a cupcake baker extraorindaire, ok?!) over at Go Team Sweet! and did a post about her cupcaking and a post about her hula hooping fascination for Kraftworkin’ a year or so ago–has recently moved back stateside after living in New ZelandContinue reading “Tonight is “Danger”, baby, I feel so dangerous…”

And the ship he came on…

In honor of my American Indian pride, I have created these lovely “Fuck Columbus” badges featuring a Columbus lying with  whole cache of arrows in his person. I found the imge quite some time ago, fell in love, and saved it off for a time in which I figured I could make myself a personalContinue reading “And the ship he came on…”

Swinging into my day…

I have two important favorites in life: anything mustard-based or mustard colored, and, gnomes. So, honestly, what could be better than receiving a gift from a good friend which features not one, but both, of these fantastic favorites…and introducing another absolute must favorite into the mix: coffee! Yes, my good friend Mackenzie recently gifted meContinue reading “Swinging into my day…”

Latest Addiction: Yarn from Recycled Tees.

I am hereby pledge I am absolutely addicted to the genius idea of making beautiful, bulky yarn balls from recycled t-shirts, as M.K. Lawrie currently has featured in her amazing shop. The skeins of cotton yarn (featuring white, what looks like navy/black, and yummy grays and teals) start around $7.50 and you can bet I’llContinue reading “Latest Addiction: Yarn from Recycled Tees.”

More knitting by the lakeside..or is it thigh side?

Exciting news! A bit of progress on the Lakeside Lace Socks by Julia Vaconsin. With a few changes to note… I’ve decided to make them thigh highs on the idea that I may actually: 1. Wear them more (with dresses and skirts in fall) 2. I will have the added ability to show off theirContinue reading “More knitting by the lakeside..or is it thigh side?”

A Heart-y dose of kitsch love…

I love knitting up little tiny toys. Lately, I’ve been stockpiling a whole bunch of tiny knitted hearts, courtesy a pattern from MochiMochi. Some of these tweedy littles will have eyes (instead of embroidering them as I usually do, I’ve decided to use black felt paint, which will be so easy!) and some will remainContinue reading “A Heart-y dose of kitsch love…”