Cheer me up with these glasses!

How badly do I want the delicious “Ripped” and “Frogged” pint glasses for frothy bevvies, on sale at the brilliant knitting community Ravelry.

The pair, which feature the knitting terms for ripping back work when an error is found (sometimes really far back, making ripping the most dreadful of sorts) and for frogging a project off one set of needles and onto another to be used in a different project. I currently have a number of items that need frogging as they’ve sat dormant for too long, probably never to be finished.

The pint glasses are $12 for the pair.

While I dream of the day I actually buy these for myself, you can follow me on Ravelry by keeping track of my works in progress, finished designs and patterns, as well as what’s in my stash and my queue to knit up, in the meantime.

Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

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