Tonight is “Danger”, baby, I feel so dangerous…

monsters 2

One of my closest friends from college, Jessica “Mim” George–who blogs delicious treats (she’s a cupcake baker extraorindaire, ok?!) over at Go Team Sweet! and did a post about her cupcaking and a post about her hula hooping fascination for Kraftworkin’ a year or so ago–has recently moved back stateside after living in New Zeland for some odd years.

And since she decided, upon returning, to so graciously make a trip back to the city of our colleging days–and where I still reside–I had to come up with some kitschy love to gift her on arrival. Jessica is nothing shy of kistch herself; she likes anything non-human/non-animal which boasts eyes, and once worked in a vinyl toy shop. Clearly, she’s easy to please.

Not only did I make her a KK Bubble Boss, a recycled tshirt scarf,  a piggy i-Pod case, knitted hearts with eyes, a change purse, a raincloud, and a host of other treats like badges, I also deliciously knitted up her one of my favorite patterns of late, the “Daphne and Delilah” by the beyond brilliant knitting designer Rebecca Danger of Danger Craft. You can check out Rebecca’s delicious blog here, or even buy up some of her patterns at Etsy.

Since making these yummy monsters, I have since purchased 5 more delightful Danger Craft patterns–and she gives you great deals on bundle packages!

Jessica, of course, squeeled over the monster I gave her (yellow, at left), and I’ve since begun knitting up more kitschy love for a package to send in the future.

Of course, as always, you can see more snaps at my Flickr set.

File Under: Jessica and I definitely did the monster mash. Here’s hoping she moves to Boston again for good!

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One thought on “Tonight is “Danger”, baby, I feel so dangerous…

  1. Thank you! I loooove all of my goodies! You are one talented lady. And let me tell you… Boston is number one on the “where am I going to move?” list. I’ll be up just in time for freezing my little patoot off.

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