A knitter’s comic life…


As some of my readers know, I am a Technology Instruction Librarian at a 6-12 school in Boston. When I’m not nerding out on tech tools, education, content management, and collaboration in real time on the web, I teach an elective to middle schoolers in my favorite hobby: knitting.

Second term, I have decided to create “The Power of Purl”, a comic-book inspired set of frames that will provide another way for me to communicate the 3 basic knitting techniques the beginners will learn: casting on, knitting, and purling.

Much of my day yesterday was spent conceiving of the strip and how to deliver information. Originally, I thought I needed more words on these comics. However, these are merely meant as a fun and engaging way to complement in-class instruction, videos, and other writter instructions with pictures. I’m hoping the kids will create new adventures for Purl and help me make more comics in the future.

The comics will be housed on my website for the class, along with other great knitting resources, instructions, patterns and the like.

If you want to create cool comics, there is an amazing program I use called Comic Life. It’s quite versatile; we use it in work to make signs, comics, informational handouts…everything! Try it! You won’t regret.

File Under: Do you think “The Power of Purl” is a good idea?

Holy balls!


I have spent the week getting things organized and swatching for new projects.

Aren’t balls of yarn just gorgeous? I’m thinking of having my photog-ing extraordinaire, Harry S. Cahill, create a series of such yarn ball magic to frame and hang somewhere. They would make beautiful art.

But, off the art, and onto the why. I decided I needed to have snaps of colorway options for various buyers to they can customize items. I’ve already received a few orders from friends…more welcome anytime!

In a Pickle with Heidi and Anna…all while wearing delicious vests!

I am, no doubt, absolutely obsessed with Pickles. Yes, I do mean the spicy, vinegary cuke treats–but more importantly, for the purposes of this here site, the beauteous Pickles blog, a Norway-based blog that also features a shop of yummy yarns and patterns.

If you haven’t made the Pickles blog a daily reading habit, what are you waiting for? The site releases most of their patterns free–by rotating the free version of a particular size. One week, its the Small pattern size, the next week, a new feature of another pattern, in size Large. It’s a grand plan, really; eventually, every knitter gets a free shot at some pattern.

Lately, Pickles have been hitting the nail on the head with a series of fall treats–vests, hats, warmers, and even cupcake recipes.

But it’s their “Wild Vest” that I absolutely have to knit up. Done in a daisy stitch, the simple, one color makes the stitch pop and I absolutely adore the fit. Expect to see me rocking this vest soon; and while my size is in a “purchase only” version this time around, I’m still definitely buying.

File Under: Thank you Heidi and Anna for your amazing blog!

Should I? Favorite Finds…3,567 reasons I adore fringe footage…

Picture 1

How badly do I want these delicious lace-up Fringe Boots? They are exactly what I’ve been looking for…and at a reasonable $78, I’m having trouble resisting.

The only problem? The boots start at size 6, and even on my best days, it’s a stretch to fit a 5.5, nevermind a whopping 6.

File Under: Taking wagers. In winter, you wear bulky socks, right? Can I pull off a 6 for these bad boys?

Happily ever…aff…ghan?

B&EweddingblanketwrapMy brother, Bryce, finally got hitched.

And instead of all that traditional registry hoo, my sister and I decided to make them up something they could keep generations of “Wolves” warm in for years to come–the first family heirloom of the Wolf children clan.

So, we feverishly took to crocheting up a wave-style afghan for the couch in their new Boston home. Selecting just the right colors was a must; their open floor plan featuring a lot of teals and browns, we went with an espresso colorway for the main blocks and two teals, one a more Caribbean cool color and the other a darker turquoise, for the wave accents.

While there was much sweat (my sister insisted we use a size F hook for minimal holes) and fret (will we have enough yarn? can we find more of this anywhere?), we got there, finished. And it turned out gorgeous. An entire original, my sister and I created our own Wave Pattern as a play off a traditional “Southwest of the Border” style (though she certainly did the “creating” there and I merely followed suit…er, hook) and boy did it feel satisfying.

Deciding to mark the occasion, I cross stitched a simple label for them to remember their Fall Wedding and our gift when they are 90 years old and full o’ dementia.

The entire affair, held in the snow capped mountains of Whitefield, N.H., was a splendid occasion, and many “oohs” and “ahhs” occurred throughout the weekend, though if I do say so myself, the best came when they opened the gift.

See more snaps of the blanket and all the happiness at its flickr set. As always, a special thanks to Harry S. Cahill for the frames.

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At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since…

Photo 78Go. Now. Run.

And shop at ZenThreads, the greatest of t-shirt creation on the web!

Humble blogger fancies herself a t-shirt gal; if it’s not a plain white boys v-neck undershirt, then its a schmancy silkscreened one ususally of esoteric meaning, like one that says W.W.A.S.D? (think: Amy Sedaris!).

But I got some pretty excellent comments in work the other day for my latest purchase; a one Salvador Dali with his famous moustache.

File Under: Let jealousy ensue. Covet.

Buy the Kitsch!

Picture 1

My etsy shop Kraftworkin Kitsch is finally open for business!

I only have six items in the shop right now and they are all made to order. Of course, I’ll eventually have a whole load more and also patterns I’ve created for sale, too, but this is the start.

Items range in price from $2.50 to $55! Be sure to buy something in the future or recommend my shop to those looking for handmade gifties!

The mountain would “cow(l)-er” in my presence. Rawr!


Might I suggest that you, too, can strike a pose if you buy a deliciously over-sized recycled sweater cowl from Mountain Girl, a brilliant crafter out of Peterborough, N.H. who sells her lovely eco-friendly wares on etsy.

Last week I gushed over a recycled gray sweater cowl, that I scooped it up for a mere $3o-ish dollars, and it was well worth every penny.

Of course, it blocked a pretty descent New Englang wind the other day when my friend MacKenzie and I went apple picking at Lookout Farm in Natick. Holding on to the hope of Indian Summer, I stupidly wore shorts. And flip flops.

But at least I had flannel and Mountain Girl wearables.

So scoop some up. Now.

And you, too, can strike a pose poking fun at all those people who like to pose for shots of them jumping. Because they are so carefree. You know, of course, we had to.


This weekend called for rain…


As previously mentioned, a few months back I had an explosively delicious reunion with one of my best friend’s from college, Jessica “Mim” George, who has spent the last handful of years living as an ex-pat in New Zealand. And upon our meeting up again (over eggs and toast and copious cups of coffee at my favorite local diner), I gifted her a whole bunch of Kitsch.

Including the above pictures Raincloud–a glorious creation of one of my favorite kitsch knitting designers, Mochi Mochi Land.

Mim sent me this fotee of the loverly Raincloud sitting outside in all its glory; by the looks of it, this guy only has 3 raindrops even though I could have sworn I gave him 6 blops o’ water per the pattern request. This leads me to believe that unfortunately, I did not secure them into the main body tightly enough and they have since fallen out.

File Under: Raincloud, are you in need of some sunny repair?