This weekend called for rain…


As previously mentioned, a few months back I had an explosively delicious reunion with one of my best friend’s from college, Jessica “Mim” George, who has spent the last handful of years living as an ex-pat in New Zealand. And upon our meeting up again (over eggs and toast and copious cups of coffee at my favorite local diner), I gifted her a whole bunch of Kitsch.

Including the above pictures Raincloud–a glorious creation of one of my favorite kitsch knitting designers, Mochi Mochi Land.

Mim sent me this fotee of the loverly Raincloud sitting outside in all its glory; by the looks of it, this guy only has 3 raindrops even though I could have sworn I gave him 6 blops o’ water per the pattern request. This leads me to believe that unfortunately, I did not secure them into the main body tightly enough and they have since fallen out.

File Under: Raincloud, are you in need of some sunny repair?

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