The mountain would “cow(l)-er” in my presence. Rawr!


Might I suggest that you, too, can strike a pose if you buy a deliciously over-sized recycled sweater cowl from Mountain Girl, a brilliant crafter out of Peterborough, N.H. who sells her lovely eco-friendly wares on etsy.

Last week I gushed over a recycled gray sweater cowl, that I scooped it up for a mere $3o-ish dollars, and it was well worth every penny.

Of course, it blocked a pretty descent New Englang wind the other day when my friend MacKenzie and I went apple picking at Lookout Farm in Natick. Holding on to the hope of Indian Summer, I stupidly wore shorts. And flip flops.

But at least I had flannel and Mountain Girl wearables.

So scoop some up. Now.

And you, too, can strike a pose poking fun at all those people who like to pose for shots of them jumping. Because they are so carefree. You know, of course, we had to.


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