A knitter’s comic life…


As some of my readers know, I am a Technology Instruction Librarian at a 6-12 school in Boston. When I’m not nerding out on tech tools, education, content management, and collaboration in real time on the web, I teach an elective to middle schoolers in my favorite hobby: knitting.

Second term, I have decided to create “The Power of Purl”, a comic-book inspired set of frames that will provide another way for me to communicate the 3 basic knitting techniques the beginners will learn: casting on, knitting, and purling.

Much of my day yesterday was spent conceiving of the strip and how to deliver information. Originally, I thought I needed more words on these comics. However, these are merely meant as a fun and engaging way to complement in-class instruction, videos, and other writter instructions with pictures. I’m hoping the kids will create new adventures for Purl and help me make more comics in the future.

The comics will be housed on my website for the class, along with other great knitting resources, instructions, patterns and the like.

If you want to create cool comics, there is an amazing program I use called Comic Life. It’s quite versatile; we use it in work to make signs, comics, informational handouts…everything! Try it! You won’t regret.

File Under: Do you think “The Power of Purl” is a good idea?

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