Would Elvis approve of these bold stripes? If Priscilla is the benchmark, uh oh.

Just last week, I mentioned I’d be releasing a whole bunch of goodies on the Kraftworkin’ Kitsch readers. Welp, I’m still working on pattern writing for a few of them (…and with loads of holiday knitting on my plate I don’t foresee getting them done in the nearest of futures), but at least I’ve finally got snaps of finished projects.

Some of you might remember my Rugby Cowl from last year. Welp, I’ve taken to reinventing it for 2009, and I’m quite pleased with the results. This latest striped cowl features an orange colorway and an even less bulky style than its blue and yellow counterpart of yore.

I love that with this cowl, there are no rules. Stripes are uneven and completey random, aiming to allow each of these sections of color to pop in their own way.

It’s a really simple knit; done up on large needles, it takes to quick knitting. All you need is a bunch of bulky yarn in various colors, any size needle betwixt 13 and 17, and the ability to knit using mutiple colors. Finito! Done! Woo!

As always, you can check out more shots of the Uneven Ruby Rugby Cowl at its Flickr Set.

2 responses to “Would Elvis approve of these bold stripes? If Priscilla is the benchmark, uh oh.”

  1. Love the tiger lily stripes. Love the cranberry skinny cords. Love that you’re reading the K. Stew interview in the Times, although it doesn’t seem safe to be on a bridge whilst reading quotes from “Ms. Stewart”… glad you suppressed the urge to jump!

  2. kraftworkinkitsch

    the urge to lift off was immeasurable. i’m glad to be alive.

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