Drink up this inspiration: The Thermis.

I have squealed with delight several times over the beautiful results of the Thermis neckwarmer, a fabulous design my Kris Knits (which you can scoop up here). I’m so in love with the way it looks on (and with how beautifully written the pattern was–and so easy to follow), I’ve already nearly finished another version of the Thermis in white with black leather covered buttons as a gift for my Mum for Christmas.

Originally, I was inspired to knit up the Thermis after seeing one of my favorite knitting bloggers, ColoursKnits, show off her completed neckwarmer. The photos of knitwear on this blog are astoundingly beautiful; and since the inspiration to knit it up came from the really cool photos of the finished project, I decided I wanted to shoot mine the same way as an homage to the inspiration.

And that’s what I did.

I highly suggest you make one of these if you are looking for a unisex neckwarmer that has some interesting detail; the waffle stitch pops so well in person, everyone will ooh and ahh over your creation. And they’ll never know how simple it is to make.

Of course, you can check out many more photos of the Thermis at its flickr set.

If you’re looking for accessories to knit up for friends this holiday, dump this in your queue as the next project.

2 responses to “Drink up this inspiration: The Thermis.”

  1. Cold guy says:

    Do you make these for men? They are darn awesome.

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