I went on a buying binge over the holiday week. Yes, I did.

Feeling, for some strange reason, like I needed yarn (though I really did for one project I have in mind), I ventured out to The Stitch House in Dorchester, a small little shop which has a nice selection of beautiful yarn.

And I’m quite pleased with my choices. I settled on some “Riverside” by Louet, a light worsted weight yarn in this amazing burnt orange color, for a sweater I have in mind, but it may not be exactly the right weight so I might have ot reconsider (fingers crossed!). I also got a couple skeins of Cascade 220 Heathers for good measure, in these gorgeous pink, tan, and orange colorways, for mittens and hats and things requiring worsted weight yarn. It’s good to have on hand, right?

And of course, I finally saw a shop sell the Cascade Magnum, which is a honking huge skein of super bulky wool. And they had this amazing lemon drop light orange color that just screamed buy me. So I did. And felt really excellent while doing it.

Any suggestions on what I should make with the Magnum?

Published by JRW

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3 thoughts on “Yardage…

  1. I decided to clean out and organize my yarn stash. Imagine my pleasure when I discovered that I wasn’t totally overwhelmed with yarn and could go out and buy more, which I did! A delicious feeling, isn’t it?

  2. Thanks for stopping by! We agree that you can never go wrong with a reserve of Cascade 220. About that Magnum…how about our Sculptured City Cowl, designed by Annissa herself? Swing by the shop to pick up a copy!

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