Doing “Fairly” well on this goal…

I decided this winter that I would make a valiant attempt to knit up a whole host of Fair Isle mittens as a fun project and to improve my colorworking abilities.

And boy oh boy, have I become obsessed.

After creating the first pair on the winter (the Quo Vadis by SpillyJane in the purple colorway gifted to my friend with the purple coat to boot!), I decided I love the way they turned out so much–and how brilliantly the pattern was written–that I’d immediately make another pair: enter the Quo Vadis version dos, pictured at top, right. This time, I created a repeating mirrored colorway in reds, oranges, whites and gray and I love it.

And after thumbing through the Fall 2009 Special Edition: Knit Scene of Interweave Knits, I found yet another perfect colorwork mitten pattern for the Winter Isle project. The Neutron Mittens are amazing, the pattern so easy to follow, the repeats easy to memorize, and the results even grander than all that previously mentioned hoo.

The Neutron mittens–pictured at top, left–are an absolute must have this winter in my book! I’ve already begun a new pair in a navy blue and heathered peach colorway using new Cascade 220 Heathers yarn I recently purchased, and….gush!

Let me know if you want a pair of my Fair Isles this winter. It’s shaping up to finish with a whole host.

You can check out all the Fair Isle Mitts at their Flickr set; there are some tasty close-ups of the Neutron Mittens.

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2 thoughts on “Doing “Fairly” well on this goal…

    1. i have. they are actually in my rav queue to knit up since i once saw them in your notebook. i love the inner mitten.

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