Breaking Bread…

Every winter I try my best to knock off a few more recipes from the incredible book my sister gave me as a birthday gift a few years ago.

Bernard Clayton’s New Complete Book of Breads is phenomenal; there are all kinds of breads. 100s of pages of breads. Sweet breads. Salty breads. Quick breads. Complex starter breads. And everything in between.

I love the Maple Syrup Oat Bread I’ve made countless times before. And the Peasant Breads came out in beautiful braids that looked too gorgeous to eat.

This weekend, my attempt is to tackle the Chocolate White Bread, with is a french style loaf infused with bits of chocolate. Um, delish.

Unfortunately, about the only bread baking I’ve tackled lately was the baked bread paninis (where you put the meats and cheeses inside the bread dough and bake it all together for a cheesy gooey deliciousness) I made for my brother Bryce on Sunday, and of course, my famous Cinamon Swirl bread sans raisins and filled with heaping amounts of butter.

Photog extraordinare Harry Cahill loves the swirl bread, so I recently made him some for a photoshoot we were working on.

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