In the pages…

I was gifted a loverly Barnes and Noble $card from one of my closest friends for Christmas, and boy, oh boy, did I go wild.

Yes, I did scoop up quite a few Y.A. books this time around to review for the library; Beautiful Creatures was selected as one of the best, if not the best, y.a. books of 2009, so I figured it’d be essential to read.

I’ve already cracked London is the Best City in America by Laura Dave, which is really smart and well written…oh, and its adult for all you readers out there who don’t fancy the teen kitsch. The debut novel takes place in Narraganset, R.I. and New York, so if you like to read local, this one might bring some tasty images of the sea and fishing wives to bear.

My friend MacKenzie and I talked about starting a book club for the “unbook club” folk, and here’s to hoping we can actually get started on that.

File Under: Suggestions for books? Bring it.

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One thought on “In the pages…

  1. “Tu n’es pas encore pour moi qu’un petit garçon tout
    semblable à cent mille petits garçons. Et je n’ai pas besoin de toi. Et tu n’as pas besoin de moi non plus. Je ne suis pour toi qu’un renard semblable à cent mille renards. Mais, si tu m’apprivoises, nous aurons besoin l’un de l’autre. Tu seras pour moi unique au monde. Je serai pour toi unique au monde…”

    — Le Petit Prince

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