Scenes from…

For the past two Fridays, I have attended the Winter Classic Events at Fenway Park. First, on New Year’s Day, the Bridgestone Classic, which featured our Boston Bruins against the Philly Flyers. It was quite hot out for January in Boston that day, but the Bruins had a surprisingly rousing victory in the end.

The second was a great rivalry; Boston University, my alma mater, against the hated Boston College Eagles. This game was, welp, arctic. And of course, my Terriers were victorious.

Here are a few of the images I snapped from Fenway.

From Top to Bottom: 1. Nips of booze to dump in endless cups of coffee at the game. They were confiscated. We were the only ones in the park to fail at bringing in some warming whiskey. Go figure. 2. Ice cold beer instead. It stayed ice cold. 3. Harry S. Cahill works the game for The Boston Herald. See his snaps here. 4. The top of my sister’s fur hat. Amazing.

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