Do you ever crave a simple dinner?

I do.

And being the sandwich queen, I figured there are plenty of concoctions out there robust enough to create so as to substitute a traditional lunching item into a full-blown, fully-filling dinner fixing.

What’s more, I often love eating breakfast for lunch or dinner at my favorite diners; if you don’t serve breakfast all the time, you’re no diner. And we all know my love for diners already.

But when I order, I almost never go for the sweet stuffs; french toast, blintzes, pancakes. My stomach is already growling 2 hours after I gorge.

Instead, I like the savory options; and one’s with a little touch of sweet. So when I head out to one of my favorite deli/diners in town, I’m often inspired to order their Breakfast BLT, which is just that, with two friend eggs on top.

It’s a pretty simple dish to recreate at home, and most often, you already have the items on hand: eggs, bread, lettuce, tomato. Boom, bam, done!

This entire meal takes approximately 10 minutes to cook up and will still leave you satisfied the next morning. Instead of pork bacon, I substituted turkey bacon from a local farm that’s deelish if you avoid the cute piggie variety as I do (strictly love for the animal, people). And I often use grape tomatos in winertime because they have the most flavor–simply dust them over with some kosher salt first so they have more flavor.

Of course, toast your bread, add your lettuce, tomato, bacon, then friend eggs, and stack away, or pack it away.

For added kick? Unlike my favorite diner verison, I drizzle a tiny bit of maple syrup over the top of the eggs–it brings out the flavors and gives a tiny hint of sweet. So amazing.

Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

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