Norway, I do love you!

Man, I love Pickles.

Yes, your garden variety vinegared cuke, and of course, the Norwegian Blog.

I recently finished their loverly heart hat, From Norway With Love, and its absolutely amazing. I didn’t follow their color scheme–and I added a pom pom on top for added kitsch–but I like my take on it too. I certainly would make more of these, in a whole host of varities, with pom and without.

This hat will have a new owner shortly; it’s part of a giant package going out to one of my best friends from college, Jessica “Mim” George, cupcake baking extraordinaire, artist, and blogger over at Go Team Sweet!

I have yet to decide if I’ll make her the matching mittens. Most of my friends, including myself, are of the “unmatchy” variety, so I had plans for other handwarmers in mind, but we’ll see…

See more snaps of the hat at its Flickr set, as always.

And don’t forget! This hat is a part of my “Hearty Hats” winter project.

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