Wips! Casting on, frogging, and re-doing…

Lately, I’ve been queuing small projects. These are managable with a busy schedule and actually give off a sense of accomplishment when they take but a few days to finish.

Enter the cable footies from the Interweave book One Skein. I’ve had this set of patterns for a couple of years, but have yet to make anything from it despite how enticing all of the project sounded (save for the candy sachets…I mean, really?).

I thought this project would be a quick breeze; and it appeared to be at first blush. Until, after working one sock to near completion, I realized I’d have to frog and start again.

I originally made one of these footies with Lorna Laces worsted weight on size 8 needles, size small, as the pattern called for.

They were huge. And the toe way too pointy.

I switched to a DK yarn with size 6 needles and the footie, almost done, appears to be a more appropriate size, though more of a roomy slipper than anything else.

The toe feels really long on these slippers, so I’m going to shorten it with more stitches to graft together. Instead of 8, I’m think 16 or 24.

I recently purchased some Santa Fe kettle dyed sock yarn in the beautiful red colorway; despite it being a fingerweight yarn, it might work splendidly with this pattern anyways.

Here’s to hoping that by the end of today, I’ll have a new pair of house socks.

You can follow the details on the project at my Ravelry for tips if you end up making these socks.

As always, more snaps of the WIP over at its Flickr set.

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