Charting this course…

This chart certainly was the inspiration for one of the latest projects I want to knit up. As soon as I saw it, I was smitten.

The pattern is Topaz, freely available in the Spring 2009 issue of Knitty!, a baby dress with this amazing charted detailing at the bottom.

My sister’s best friend just had a baby girl and I think she’d look adorable in this little knitted jumper.

While visiting my good friends Mackenzie and Jon this Sunday in Providence, I nodded into knit shop Fresh Purls (a wonderful place for yarns and notions I highly recommend!) and picked up the skeins of Malabrigo Worsted I needed for the project. I managed to scoop up the “Golden Ochre” for the peachy detailing but they didn’t have any “Blue Surf” in stock, so I settled for a v. similar “Blue Jewel”, which I think will look splendid nonetheless. I sincerely thought about changing up the color palette but found the baby modeling the little jumper so adorable that I was smitten with a complete redo of that for baby Millylaney.

Progress once I cast on later in the week. In the meantime, you can check out the yarn I chose for the project over at the WIPs Flickr Set.

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