Scenes from Providence…

This past Sunday was certainly a funday. I went to Providence for the afternoon to visit my good friends Mackenzie and Jon.

While there, I not only spent an arm and a leg on gorgeous yarns at the beautious yarn shop Fresh Purls (go there! seriously), but we got down to the business of shopping around for kitsch and, of course, the one thing we always do during our visits: eat.

This time around, the dos took me to this amazing sandwich hole called Geoff’s on Benefit with a giant bucket of pickles. Um, perfect for me? Check.

Of course, there were thousands of options with cheeky names and it was hard to decide, but I settled on some sandwich or other that I can’t remember the name of now which featured turkey, cranberry sauce and some delicious special sauce akin to spicy meets honey meets dijon mustard. Double yum.

If you’re ever in the area, do check it out.

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