Scenes from my knitting class…

Top Left to Right: The makings of straight knit and grafted leg warmers; the self-described “Starry Starry Night” scarf in progress. Bottom Left to Right: Practicing the knit stitch; a student’s first completed project, the “Pom Pom Beanie with Seed Stitch”.

My little knitters are doing swimmingly! With just weeks to go in Term II, my middle schoolers are knitting pros! Creating scarfs, hats, working lace charts and knitting in the round, I think I might have a few life-long knitters budding in time for spring!

I love how daring this age group is; they’ll  work–and wear–colors I’d be afraid to take a chance on; and they actively seek out new skills they want to learn, like knitting with more than one color and diagonal rib stitch. What’s more, they are more forgiving of their mistakes than I can be of mine. I’ve been known to throw a knitting project, stamp my feet, declare it “ugly”, and never return to the project, unlike my students. They politely interrupt me at work asking if I can help them find their mistake and “fix it”.

File under: how mature.

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