MacKenzie Makes: NECCO-inspired Newspaper Bunting!

I approached one of my good friends, Mackenzie, about a guest spot for Valentine’s Day inspired craft projects.Whenever I go to her apartment, she always has these adorable projects and wall hangings; and of course, she had indeed done a similar bunting for the hearty love holiday. In what I hope will be a regular feature, to be called “Mackenzie Makes…” (she better agree to it), on her loverly crafting endeavors, I present you with “Valentine’s Conversation Heart Newspaper Bunting”. It’s pretty awesome…

I found this Newspaper Heart Bunting project on a favorite crafty blog last Valentine’s Day, and I just had to make it for the large doorway between my apartment’s living room and dining room.

Rather than paint the newspaper hearts with a red wash and “I Love You” message, as on the original blog, I painted mine with pastel acrylic paint and wrote messages with a red Sharpie oil paint pen.

The phrases are from actual NECCO Sweethearts (better known as “conversation hearts” or “candies that taste like chalk”), and I picked some that I found most entertaining.  “Fax Me” and “Let’s Read” are so romantic, no?

And don’t forget: the yellow, green, orange, and white hearts are tasty, but the pink and purple will kill you.

For a complete how-to on newspaper heart bunting, please see the lovely maya*made blog here.  It’s a fun, relatively quick project that’s easy to spread out on the floor while watching a favorite TV show.

Customize your paper hearts however you like, and save and reuse them next year. Enjoy, and Happy Valentine’s Day darlings!


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