Cobble together yourself quite a holiday…

Might I suggest spending your holiday doing a little cooking and baking? It’s President’s Day, which means a day off from work, and a pretty descent wind is whipping (as well as some rumblings of snow coming), so there’s no excuse not to hunker down in the kitchen, create something tasty, and pick up a book while the oven works its baking magic.

A good idea? Little individual ramikins of cobbler; they are perfect because if you don’t want to finish them, you can easily package them away in the freezer to be pulled out when a seriously sweet fix is needed but no desire to bake. Plus, it’s fun to serve people their own little baking dish of cobbler gold.

I made individual ramikins filled with a peach blackberry cobbler. I was going to use a tin of raspberries I had on hand, but they were all fuzzy despite buying them just the day before (rip off!). Realizing I had a tin of blackberries on hand, too, I figured they’d be an acceptable, and tasty, substitute.

Using Ina Garten’s simple Peach Raspberry Crisp recipe, I simply used blackberries where she called for raspberries.

And let me tell you. Her recipe is so simple to follow, so tasty to eat, and the crumb topping looks really beautiful when it comes out of the oven, especially if the berries exploded a little underneath and leaked down the sides.


If you feed this to your friends, you’ll be a hero for just one day–as the Magnetic Fields so brilliantly declare. They’re a great band to cook to, so flip it on when you try this cobbler.

[The Magnetic Fields – Heroes.]

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