Publick Notes…

If you read this blog on the reg, you know I like a good beer. An oft frequenter of my local pub, Publick House Provisions in Washington Square, I like to scribble down beers I’ve tasted and feature them in my “Publick Notes” so I can keep track of it all. It’s so easy to forget what you drank, if you liked it, even why you liked it.

Plus, I think the beers you drink at any given time are definitely cyclic and can say a lot about your station at the time.

Enter Kriek style beers–a naturally fermented with fruits (like cherries) style of beer, usually Flemish, that I discovered when I tasted my first sour after some heavy theatre some years back.

I’ve pretty much worked my way through every kriek-style Publick House has; I’d say the best I’ve ever drank is the Cuvee des Jacobins Rouge. I have no words for how sour, yet smooth, that beer is. And it’s not sweet. It’s plenty sour, which I prefer, and tastes great with fish n’ chips.

But recently I gave the Monk’s Cafe Flemmish Sour Red, and while certainly no Cuvee, it’s a tasty treat for the Flemmish Sour/Red lover. So give it a whirl; its almost never a bottle on vacation at Publick House.

For anything else I’ve written about good drink, clicky clicky.

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