Gee, tea…

I’m really curious to try some tea dyeing. I’ve never done it before and have dreams of gorgeous tea dyed cotton circular scarves and the like.

Perhaps I can convince my friend Mackenzie, who will be featured in a regular column here in this space, to give it a whirl with me some Sunday when we are both free.

Have you tea dyed? Is it as exciting sounding as I think? I know its beautifully looking and distressed. I love beautifully distressed things.


  1. hey! I recently added you as a friend on ravelry…and I love your blog so far!

    About tea dying…I tried it (with coffee as well) in Italy this summer when I didn’t have access to my normal dyes. I wanted to dye a white shirt for my boyfriend, so it would look a little faded, and it worked, but there were lots of pink tones mixed in with the brown and tan! I bet different types of tea and coffee will yield different results.

  2. So cool! I’m going to try it this weekend hopefully…and of course blog the results.

    Thanks so much for reading. Do you have a blog yourself? If so, leave me the link so I can add it to my reader.

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