Drooling over Japenese Textile Yarns…

How badly do I want to go promptly and buy a whole carton of Habu Textiles Yarn? That badly.

I’d love to create a Japanese style felted scarf with some of their Stainless Steel (gush!) in some kind of gray or white colorway because I’d love to be able to say I’ve attempted (how well is as yet to be known) to follow a Japanese style knitting pattern, which is distinctly different from standard American or European directions.

And god love the internets; if you don’t know what the heck a Habu Scarf is, you can watch this video which explains it all in detail. Gorgeous.

But what I’d really like to create is the Kusha Kusha scarf I’ve been gushing over at Purl Bee for awhile now. What’s more, the ever amazing ColoursKnits has created a Kusha Kusha scarf and its so inspiring! And I adore the white. Thanks to Habu Textiles, there is a freely available Japanese Pattern at Purl Bee to create this scarf. What’s more, if I mess up, there’s an American pattern cheat sheet below.

Here’s to hoping I don’t need to cheat, and to hoping I finally go scoop up some Habu Textiles Yarn promptly. Drools.

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