MacKenzie Makes: NECCO-inspired Newspaper Bunting!

I approached one of my good friends, Mackenzie, about a guest spot for Valentine’s Day inspired craft projects.Whenever I go to her apartment, she always has these adorable projects and wall hangings; and of course, she had indeed done a similar bunting for the hearty love holiday. In what I hope will be a regularContinue reading “MacKenzie Makes: NECCO-inspired Newspaper Bunting!”

Reader Request: Scenes from my small kitchen.

A reader recently emailed me and asked if I would take some snaps of my kitchen. And in an effort to give the readers what they want, I will now feature a new series, “Reader Requests”. Most of the requests I’ve received lately are inspired–so, I’ll give it a go. If you have any requestContinue reading “Reader Request: Scenes from my small kitchen.”

Double Fail?

Recently I completed two cowls–neither of which I totally fell in love with….on me! They looked so stunning in Ravelry, I had to knit them up immediately. Then when they were finally done blocking and I was able to wear them, I decided they looked blah on me and thought I might gift them out.Continue reading “Double Fail?”

Scenes from my knitting class…

Top Left to Right: The makings of straight knit and grafted leg warmers; the self-described “Starry Starry Night” scarf in progress. Bottom Left to Right: Practicing the knit stitch; a student’s first completed project, the “Pom Pom Beanie with Seed Stitch”. My little knitters are doing swimmingly! With just weeks to go in Term II,Continue reading “Scenes from my knitting class…”

Cold weather cakes…

With the impending snow, might I suggest whipping up some kind of coffee cake for evening coffee or tea. Trust me, it will make the snow hauling that much easier. The other week, my Mum and I got together and baked a blueberry sour cream coffee cake with a brown sugar pecan topping. One word:Continue reading “Cold weather cakes…”

Footie Fail…? At least they look pretty.

Last week, I finally hunkered down and finished a few random projects that I wasn’t entirely happy with but just wanted to be done dammit. Enter the Cable Footies from One Skein. Despite having made these once before and having to rip the entire thing back, going down a weight in yarn and 3 wholeContinue reading “Footie Fail…? At least they look pretty.”

Bugging out over this one…

How badly do I desire a skein of the Sanguine Gryphon’s Bugga! Sock Yarn. Um, delish? But, unfortunately for me, it’s all sold out. It’s this loverly, tempting combination of superwash merino, cashmere, and nylon. And while I have a startlingly similar yarn with my recently purchased String Theory Hand Dyed Caper Sock Yarn inContinue reading “Bugging out over this one…”

Noros for your neck!

I have been working hard to actually accomplish a lot in knitting this winter. The latest in endeavors is a free pattern available for the gobbling over at my Designer Ravelry Page. I created the Neck Noro last week because I had two skeins of this gorgeous Noro Kochoron laying around and didn’t know whatContinue reading “Noros for your neck!”

Labeled, Packaged, Shipped!

You may recall one of the items I donated to the Hearts for Haiti shop was purchased last Sunday by a lovely Etsy patron! After feverishy knitting up the Buttoned Up Neck Bone in a new version (olive green!), it shipped out last week and should arrive shortly to its new owner (who I hopeContinue reading “Labeled, Packaged, Shipped!”