A triumph in five minutes a day…

Declaration: Artisan Bread is, hands down, the most delicious bit of carbohydrates you could ever allow to pass lip. And while I was afraid to tackle Artisan Breads because they looked far too beautiful to ever be created by myself, I’m so pleased to say that not only did I tackle the entire endeavor thisContinue reading “A triumph in five minutes a day…”

Hit me with a mack truck!

Photo credit: Gretchen Abraham-Banks for the WSJ There’s a really interesting read in the March 29 edition of the Wall Street Journal on truckers who spend weeks on end with the open roads–and a pair of knitting needles to boot. Apparently, as drivers experienced carting smaller hauls in the recession, they sought out something toContinue reading “Hit me with a mack truck!”

Mashing up the knitters!

Just recently, I noticed an article my school’s communications department wrote about my lil’ knitter bee middle schoolers. It’s available at the school’s mash-up, a web-based site that showcases student work. You can read the article here if you’re so inclined, though it’s probably not going to reveal anything more than what I’ve shared inContinue reading “Mashing up the knitters!”

Feminine Handicraft meets activism and science…

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen something as unique, intriguing, and downright cool as the Hyperbolic Crochet Coral Reef Project, which was introduced to me not by the significant number of knitting and art bloggers that featured this bit in the past, but by one of the dean’s at my school who rightly figured I’dContinue reading “Feminine Handicraft meets activism and science…”

Box o’ modely snaps?

My best friend from college, Jessica “Mim” George, dropped this glorious snap of herself wearing my Marian was my Grandmother cowl in my inbox while I was on vacation for the past week. What a glorious item to await me upon my arrival home! I adore seeing Kraftworkin’ objects with their rightful owners. The MarianContinue reading “Box o’ modely snaps?”

Canoodling with the camera and crab…delish!

It’s been pretty dormant at Kraftworkin’ the past week, as I was soaking up some serious sun for the second half of my spring break from work in the sunny state of Florida–with no internet, which was absolutely and insanely freeing. This trip mainly involved floating on ocean waves, gorging on crab, playing seriously withContinue reading “Canoodling with the camera and crab…delish!”

Reader Request: Weekend Coffee

As part of my Reader Request series, I’ll be publishing posts based on things you sometimes desire to know, like one that recently came through my inbox: “How do you like to take your coffee on weekends? Go out? Stay in? Espresso?” I’ll pretty much take it any way, but in the afternoon, one ofContinue reading “Reader Request: Weekend Coffee”

A springtime bandit in the wind…

Finally, I’ve taken a few snaps of the Springtime Bandit, a triangular scarf I made for my Mum for her birthday this year. The blocking came out perfect in my h.o.; I hate when lace looks overly stretched and even though I would have liked to get a bit more out of this guy toContinue reading “A springtime bandit in the wind…”

Box o’…Take Dos.

I love giving friends giant boxes o’ random fun. It’s something that pleaseth me mucheth. Yesterday, I put the finishing touches and preps on a package that’s to go out today to my good friend, Jessica “Mim” George, who I will be rendezvousing in NYC with just next month. A key to some of theContinue reading “Box o’…Take Dos.”

Neck Scarves Take Dos…

Awhiles back, I made my Mum one of these Martha Stewart Knitted Neck Scarfs for warmer weather, particularly the weather we’re having right now. I did a very small post on it and snapped an awful photo of it with my Mac’s built in camera and tossed it off to her to get wearing. ThatContinue reading “Neck Scarves Take Dos…”