Waffles for Wellies…now available!

Exciting news, kitties! I’ve release yet another pattern on Ravelry.

The Waffles for Wellies pattern features a pair of men’s waffle stitch socks with an athletic toe detail, and the results are pretty awesome in person so you should definitely make these. The waffle detail makes this sock pop despite the fact it is a fairly simple pattern repeat that manages to look so schmancy; if you like the “waffle” or “thermal” shirt, you’ll love these–they are the equivalent for the feet!

For just $3.50, this pattern can be yours! It includes sizes for a men’s small and medium sock–but the small could fit an average sized women’s foot, as well (I tested it out and they were slightly baggy on my extra small feet, which is usually a good sign they’d fit normal footed females).

You can purchase the Waffles for Wellies pattern via Ravelry here.

As always, more snaps of the Waffles at its Flickr set.

Many thanks to Harry Cahill for modeling the socks; they were also gifted to him…so at least that’s something!

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