Springtime is coming like a bandit? Hopefully.

I mentioned a bit ago that I was creating the Springtime Bandit for my Mum for her birthday–and decided it’d be a really good Rav-Olympics project since I started it during Opening Ceremonies.

Welp, its pretty much finished now; it needs blocking and weaving in of ends, but I absolutely adore the final result. The Shi Bui Sock Yarn in the Peacock colorway really made this pattern sing; of course, any colorway would most likely be splendid for Springtime.

It took me a bit longer because I decided to shoot for six repeats of the lace body pattern, rather than the recommended four; and boy was it worth it!

If you’re looking for a brilliant triangular lace scarf for spring, definitely make the bandit. The lace charts are clear and easy to read and you’ll be able to memorize the lace repeats pretty quickly.

As always, more snaps at its (current) Flickr Set.

Expect more snaps of the completed bandit in the coming weeks.

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