Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised…

There’s plenty of evidence to support my serious coffee addiction. It’s been worse some years than others, but it’s generally a 12-cup-a-day problem of sorts.

And what better way to support my addiction than The New York Times, who today, offered up a rousing feature on coffee–and the emergence of the coffee bar experience in NYC, something that has certainly been dominated by the West Coast bean roasters for years.

What’s more, there’s a spiffy interactive map which gives all the best bars for extra delicious joe in NYC, and since I’m heading there for a weekend trip in April, I intend to circle all those establishments I can visit in a jam-packed 3 days because I love coffee….that much.

While I take mine black, learning all about coffee art makes me want to try lattes and cappuccinos and all that milky creamy hoo; the NYT article will inform you on “latte art” (pictured above), which isn’t for show off but rather to alert avid coffee drinkers that your barista knows what he’s doing: the milk is steamed most properly when it holds its form, and by creating little art pieces out of the cream, you’ve just labeled a stamp of “viola, perfecto” on the entire getup.

Some of my favorite photos of this latte art ever are courtesy Sandra Juto (one of my favorite bloggers), who documents her latte drinking with stunning snaps every time.

File Under: Star Trek nerdery? Caff up, please!

Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

One thought on “Coffee, the finest organic suspension ever devised…

  1. Neat coffee article. Almost painfully comprehensive. down to the grams and milliliters. woof. I know NYC well and I know you will have super time. I wish i could show you around but you’ll have no minutes to do half of what you plan. take lotsa snaps. Still going Fung Wah? much time to knit, i guess. Forget not that LeadBelly was a chauffeur on 5th Ave.!


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