A steady diet of mystery fiber…

The Mystery Knitter(s) strike again! Can I be a member?

Apparently, some loverly knitter(s) are working their fiber art around West Cape May, a N.J. town, and the mayor thinks they shouldn’t be doing it, even if he likes the intrigue and mystery of the whole thing.

While most of the residents and park go-ers love the artistic endeavor in the dead of night, there are a few residents who argue the knitter(s) “don’t have permission”. Get off it! It’s beautifying one of the ugliest times of year: the doldrums of late February and March, when nary a bit of snow is left but nary a tree is with leave.

What do you think? Bust ’em or bow at thy toes? I say bow! Perhaps the dissenters don’t get enough “fiber” in their daily diet and they’re backed up.

Published by JRW

boston. maker. librarian. canine wrangler. coffee drinker.

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