Socks Revived! A contest for the wellies…?

For some reason, I just got the urge to enter my Waffles for Wellies sock pattern into the brand spankin new sock contest over at Exercise Before Knitting. I know it’s a childish lark of sorts, since I won’t even come close to winning, but it was something fun to do–and 2010, for me, is all about expanding my knitting horizons and putting myself out there for rejection.

So there you have it.

The idea is inspiring really, which is probably why I entered in the first place. Elinor, the blog’s author, was on a sock knitting rampage through the past couple of years. That is, until 2009 hit, in which she knitted ZERO pairs of socks.

So, in hopes of rejuvinating a thirst for sock knitting, she’s asked knitters to enter their original sock patterns into the contest for a chance at a prize basket of knitting treats.

Heck, the rules stated no sock pattern published before March 1, 2010, and since I literally, this March, just published my first sock pattern, The Waffles for Wellies, I thought it was some kind of sign.

I don’t think I even believe in signs.

Well, you should enter, too! It’s really simple.

You can read more about my Waffles for Wellies here. Of course, snaps of them at their Flickr set. And, naturally, a plug for you to purchase the pattern on Ravelry for only $3.50 here.

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