Neck Scarves Take Dos…

Awhiles back, I made my Mum one of these Martha Stewart Knitted Neck Scarfs for warmer weather, particularly the weather we’re having right now. I did a very small post on it and snapped an awful photo of it with my Mac’s built in camera and tossed it off to her to get wearing. That was the extent of it, really.

But while visiting her house this week, I stumbled upon the scarflet and decided it was high time I take some proper snaps of it. I’d made one for the beloved corgi, Sir Winston Churchill, in a tweed colorway, but it was at my apartment. So snap away I did with my Mum’s, Winnie by my side, the most “enthused” of models.

He was particularly entertained during the portion in which he proceeded to bite his lip and yawn continually. However, this scarflet looks adorable on dogs! I hate when dogs wear clothes, but this one…that’s another story.

File Under: Martha Stewart should consider this for her pups…

One response to “Neck Scarves Take Dos…”

  1. Great to see that pup again. I wondered where he’d gotten to. he does look adorable in that scarflette. you know, people in NYC spend krazee monee on dogwear and that scarf might just be the ticket to some buckaroos. you’ll see when you get to manhattan. it’s debonair dogtown.

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