All things truly wicked start from innocence…

With holiday weekends, I’m bound to try and concoct something new; and ever since I came back from a few days soaking sun and sand, I’ve desperately desired to recreate the most delicious version of the mojito I’ve ever had. Operation? Brilliant. Success. Gorgeous. You name it.

The mojito is a traditional Cuban high ball. There is much debate regarding its origin–some attribute it to the “El Draque”, a cocktail in honor of Sir Francis Drake. Others argue African slaves forced to work the cane fields on Cuban shores had a heavy hand in the entire thing. But, there’s no debating that Ernest Hemingway, one of my favorite writers, had a significant role in putting the mojito on the cocktail map with his frequent visits to La Bodeguita del Medio, a Havana watering hole which boasts on its wall, to this day, a postscript from Hemingway himself; quoted, to wit: “Mi mojito en la Bodeguita”.

And with all this delicious history, the Easter weekend boasted the perfect time to create my own quick home creation. Instead of painstakingly creating a simple syrup (plus, I’m not a fan of intensely sweet drinks), I used Bacardi Limon, a citrusy-rum with enough sweet for the entire drink. I mashed a whole bunch of fresh mint in a mortar and pestle, added some ice and a couple fresh squeezed limes to the entire lot, then finished it off with a refreshing splash of club soda.

File Under: In this mo-heat-o, have a cocktail.

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