New babies, new blankets…

One of the librarians in my work is having a baby this month; the lil’ Huxtable (yes, he or she shares a last name with one of T.V.’s most iconic families) arrives in just a few days and I’ve finally gifted her a giant granny square baby blanket and stuffed crocheted elephant for her impending bundle.

She and her husband have decided to learn the baby’s sex on arrival into the world, and since its great to make things that aren’t gender specific anyways (really! Who believes in the whole blue for boy, pink for girl ideal anymore? puke!), I crocheted up this blanket using a variety of blues, greens, and grays. I’m pretty happy with the results, too.

The blanket is big enough to swaddle the baby tightly many times over (its swaddle correct? when you essentially mummify that lil’ bundle), as well as large enough to fit in a crib as a full cover. What’s more, it’s the perfect size for laying out on the floor for playing baby or whatever you do with them (forgive me, I have no children), and its got plenty of room for growth into toddlerhood.

I plan on making some other items for a few other co-workers currently with child, but I’ll probably switch gears and do some little sweaters.

As always, more snaps of the Baby Huxtable Baby Blanket at its flickr set.

File Under: So glad I berthed this blanket in plenty of time.

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5 thoughts on “New babies, new blankets…

  1. Very beautiful blankie. Babies and toddlers LOVE light woolly blankets about the size of a large pillow case with satin borders. The wool stands up to many many trips through the dryer, and the satin is for petting and light teething. but really, you can’t go wrong with a gorgeous blanket like this one!

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