Hit ’em up…cookie style…

Bad, Jenna!

It’s quite annoying when, at 5:45 p.m., you waltz into the kitchen to get a glass of water, and you waltz out an hour later with about 45 chocolate chip walnut cookie drops. I call these drops because they are small little popables–just throw one up in your mouth and…and…touch heaven…

…then hope you can’t jiggle your tummy later.

Unfortunately for me, I had all the fixings on hand for some delicious cookies and didn’t even need to walk the half block to the store to pick up supplies. Unfortunately for me, also, I had to have such a random craving to begin with…but boy, are they tasty with a cup of hot coffee. And they are sufficient for dinner; don’t believe anyone who claims otherwise.

At least I enjoyed the Carolina Chocolate Drops while cooking with chocolate and creating these little drops. Don’t know the brilliant Chocolate Drops? The North-Carolina-based trio are one of the few remaining traditional African-American string bands, and play a whole host of delicious tunes with instruments like kazoo, fiddle, jugs, banjos, and even bones. Huzzah! Enjoy this interesting bit on the band from NPR’s Weekend Edition circa 2007 or check out one of my favorites, “Cornbread and Butterbeans”. Of course, “Hit ‘Em Up Style” is really making the rounds of late; I heard it on WERS on the drive home from work yesterday.

File Under: Chocolate Chip Cookie Drops Travesty? Still debating…

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