In memorium…

While this isn’t really craft-related news, its important to note. Minnie Two Shoes, a famous Native American journalist who not only served as publicist to the American Indian Movement from 1970-1976 but was one of the founding members of the Native American Journalists Association, has died.

She was 60.

This comes just days after the passing of Wilma Mankiller, a well-known Native writer and politician, who served as the first female chief of the Cherokee Nation from 1985 to 1995. She was 64.

Both succumbed to cancer.

Two Shoes is known for her tireless efforts to uncover information related to the 1975 murder of Annie Mae Pictou-Aquash. She has written about many issues important to American Indians, including water rights, economic development, and the environment.

You can read Minnie Two Shoes obituary here. Also, Mankillers’ for good measure.

There is also an excellent Q&A with Minnie Two Shoes here.

As a proud American Indian and journalist, my heart weeps.

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