In New York…Day Uno.

Coffee, knitting, and “A Happy Man” awaiting my train at South Station.

Jessica mesmerized by our amazingly painted room at the Carlton Arms; it was filled with wacky scenes of crazy animals– a perfect fit for us, naturally!

A squeal-worthy gift from Jessica; handmade mouse by an artist in North Carolina, and of course, the kitschy “Incomplete Book of Dog Names”. Amazing.

Our first beers in Greenwich Village; cheers to the chick who asked me where Bleecker Street was (and I knew!), these delicious hoppy bevvies,  and the jazz band who played throughout our meal; that upright bass player, deelish.

Moules Frites! The garlic broth was so amazing; and so was the goat cheese salad, too. Salivate, salivate.

2 responses to “In New York…Day Uno.”

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