So, ho, in love with Purl…

Purl Soho is amazing! Able to visit for the first time this past weekend–and during their grand opening at the new location no less–I scooped up some delicious skeins of Lorna and some lace weight which I can’t wait to use to create a new wave patterned shawl; I can see it in my head and coupling the bulk with the light will be amazing, methinks.

And as a thanks for my purchase, Purl gave me a glorious tote bag with a whole pile of notions: yarns, a matchbook of thread and needles and other sewing notions, a free Lorna pattern, and a bolt of fabric (which I gifted off Jessica for tagging along even though she doesn’t knit).

While I haven’t taken anything out of the tote because I love it so, I can’t wait to start working with these yarns (after a current project on the needles–the Ribbed Lace Bolero by Kelly Maher of 10 Feet High). The Lorna is so bulky and deliciously hand-dyed; the colorway is “Dusk”.

I think it will look really nice coupled with this natural lace-weight. What do you think?

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