Berry successful…

There’s nothing better than hunkering down with a warmed oven on those unexpectedly freezing days; like yesterday in Boston, which saw drizzle, whipping winds, and an unseasonably chilled 39 degrees as evening struck.

So, I took to nodding through my fridge in search of something to bake. What to bake with some unsalted butter, buttermilk, and berries on hand?

Raspberry scones, of course!

I used the delicious recipe featured in this month’s Martha Stewart Everyday Food, which I recommend anyone who wants to cook fast, delicious dinners without a ton of exotic ingredients purchase. It’s brilliant really. And the recipes are well-written, inspiring, and really don’t require many more items than those you might have on hand.

This recipe is quick and is done entirely in the food processor, so minimal work and clean up! The dough is really sticky and tangy thanks to a generous amount of buttermilk. Plus, I’ve never rolled out and kneaded the berries into my dough as this recipe called for; it seemed scary just dumping the berries on top of the dough and workspace, but I went for it and only squished a couple of berries in the process.

While the dough is quite sticky and takes some getting used to, the best scones come out sort of oddly misshapen and gushy with the juice of the berries, solidified into some kind of sticky jam.

And that’s just how these came out.

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