The chicken and the goat in hot weather…

Might I suggest one of the most delicious, filling, and easy as 1-2-I have food meals I’ve had in a long time?

The amazing Scrambled Egg Toast, which I happened to read and salivate over at Smitten Kitchen this week; then again, when have I not salivated over anything she makes?

This was the perfect meal for an insanely hot city evening; minimal work over the stove, burning on for a short bit, and nary much clean up. What’s more, you should have all, if not close to all, items on hand int he fridge.

This scrambled egg toast has a layer of goat cheese on the bottom which creates a tangy-ness for the eggs; I sprinkled my eggs with pepper and the few chives I had on hand. This is literally all there is too it, save for the gobble gobble gobble.

The way the goat cheese melts into the hot eggs is pretty incredible. Nom.

Reader Request: in work…

One reader requested I give a bit of a fish eye view into what my daily work is like; this comes as a result of a number of posts on my travails as a knitting teacher, as well as my general lack of noise in this space of late.

I guess it prompted a reader to ask: how hectic can it be?

Well, on any given day, when study hall begins, I am–quite literally–crowded by kids asking for knitting help, computer help, general life help, and other tomfoolery. While I love the high energy that comes with it all, the last thing I want to do when I’m home in the evening is hit the computer once more.

Lucky for my reader request series, one of my youngest, a 6th grader, got hands of my camera the other day and snapped the above photo of the crowd.

So thank that little budding photographer; just after, I gave her a quick once over on using the different settings like macro.

Interested in other items in the Reader Request series, gander gander.

Scenes from a weekend out of the city…

Scrabble tiles from a game with an absolutely stalled board…

Fresh pineapple was consumed in large quantities thanks to its general ripeness and ability to get on fine with a pint of Smuttynose summer…

I made some really delicious sandwiches for the group…there’s nothing like the entrance of summer. Tomatoes with taste!

And of course, there was the obligatory first beer marinated hot dog with spicy mustard and ‘kraut of the summer…

With, of course, some progress on those mustard colored socks I’m knitting…

Nuked temps means cuked out…

There aren’t enough cucumbers in this world to keep me satisfied. I love love love that they are like 198.34% water, so they are perfect fooding in various forms for warm weather.

And today, it was a warmer.

So after an extra long run, which turned into a monumental sweatfest 2010 with about 20 minutes of lying on the floor when I returned home, the last thing I wanted to do was eat a gigantic meal.

Enter the cucumber sandwich, which is an absolute delight.

The spread is a combo of light sour cream and a few dabs of light whipped cream cheese. Top as many cuke slices as you’d like on top and that’s about it. I’ve also, at times, put some capers in there, too.

No ovens needed, no time wasted fretting over stove. It’s light, but filling, and if really hot weather makes your appetite a wee bit less ravenous like mine, this is the option for you.

Why weren’t “we born” in the UK? Dammit.

Photo Credit: Laurie Scavo

This may be one of the greatest things I’ve heard of late; as part promotion for her forthcoming release, We Are Born (which drops in record shops July 12), the ever incredible Sia is having a contest–for knitting music lovers!

I just died a bit because I don’t live in the UK.

Here’s the deal. Fill out this form, knit a swatch, and enter for a chance to win two tix to Sia’s May 27 concert at Roundhouse in London. Whilst there, you get to sit onstage during Sia’s performance and knit up the patch. That patch will inevitably become one square in a blanket, which will be donated to Sia’s charity of choice.

This may be the greatest marketing event ever conceived for the music loving knit a holic.

File Under: Party of me, please?

Jeepers Creepers, this one’s a lil’ ingenue…

There’s something so intriguing about working with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade knitters–particularly, because, compared to other groups of students, they are so eager…and…

show such incredible ingenuity.

This lil’ Jeeper Creeper is the sole creation of one of my lil’ 6th graders in her first Term of knitting. She asked for very little guidance creating this guy–working her first knitted block in green and then deciding it’d be a great idea to make a similar block in yellow, and then, wait for it, to seam them together into this “little stuffed guy”, as she calls him.

Nary did she ask me how to do much of anything except of course when I taught her, in 5 seconds, how to cast on and execute the knit stitch. She also asked how to bind off and seam him up with stuffing inside.

But she came up, all on her own, with the little feeties at the bottom of Jeeper; this is when her creativity really flows.

Where some of my knitters would be annoyed at the inevitable–picking up random stitches or dropping them off for that matter–of beginner knitting, this here ingenue decided, “welp, I’ll turn this around and make it something”. And so, those random spots of picked up and dropped errors were fastened into feet.

File Under: We should all take some tips from these budding little minds. Cleverness abounds.

As always, more snaps of recent FOs from my knitters at its proper flickr set.

Baby blabber…enough already!

Here’s a sneak peak at a baby sweater I recently finished for a co-worker with first chhhile. I swear, this year, my work is a baby making factory.

Alas, despite my own aversion to having babies at the mo, and in many future mos, I do like knitting baby stuff for other people. My mum always tells me the best gifts when you are expecting are handmade; most often, the recipients couldn’t agree more.

In the past, I’ve made this sweater before, in a pale yellow, and the white does it justice too. Plus, the details are girly because I know the sex of this one–little peach colored flower buttons that add a little something to this sweater. I’ve also made a matching teddy, but more on that later.

The weather hasn’t afforded appropriate light to shoot this sweater in all its glory; plus, my place has natural sunlight issues in summer what with all the leafy trees hovering over windows, so I’m aiming to actually get this one in all its glory at the weekend.

Stay tuned…

Of these…

…I could use one (particularly with the loverly MackD, pictured in left corner)!

This is what happens when you desire some delicious brew, and are returned the spit of the keg because its kicked out halfway through filling your glass.

Have you ever experienced such disappointment and regret?

And while I didn’t get to have this glass properly, I do love how the foam is splattering the glass and looking at it makes me long for a pint.

The sad news? I can’t for the life of me remember what this was and why I wanted it so badly–but it could have been an Allagash Curieux, a whiskey barrel brewed tripel. Instead, I had to gulp down a Lagunitas Gnarly wine, and if you’ve never had it, I suggest liquoring yourself up a bit more so you can handle the bitter sludge.

Garden go…

This weekend, there was plenty of planting in the sunshine; every summer, my mum has a pretty remarkable veggie garden, filled with cukes, tomatoes, an entire section of herbs, zucchini, coveted hot peppers like jalapenos, lettuces, green beans, bell peppers, strawberries, canteloupes, and even broccoli.

She gets quite a yield (if its not too hot or too rainy, but a nice mixture of the two) and doles it out to us family members on the reg, so it could be defined as “The Wolf Family C.S.A.”. Yum.

What’s more, we had plenty of digging help from the corgi, Sir Winston, and there was a lot of snaps for the Macro May Flickr Set.

While I do have a garden terrace here in Boston, my space is lacking for proper planting, so I can only rely on working a few pots, which I got started on filling this weekend–some by taking and splitting some of my mum’s plants. This included jalapenos, salsa peppers, basil, cilantro, chives, and mint (for mojitos, obviously!).

I’ll probably do a few tomato plants again this year; I had some descent success last go around.

City planting is an interesting animal; what do you manage to successfully pot plant here in Boston?

File Under: I can’t wait to make homemade salsas and minty mojitos! I should have a gathering, no?

Seeing through…

It was eye opening, realizing I can’t really go on much longer without my beloved Pulp and Circumstance, Juiced.

And after a rabbit-hole late night search, I’ve found a treasure trove: the cache for about 2 years worth of work, maybe a year and 1/2 and manage to have it “bundled”.

But now, I have to figure out whether I can batch it and import it elsewhere…or do it manually by hand. But I’d love, even though starting fresh, to have some of the work done previous.

Either way, it’s happening. Because goddammit, I adore music and feel some kind of void without. Me and P&C, we are lovers.

Sit tight. Finger crossing for me. And stay tuned.


Comic by xkcd

If you know me at all, then you’ll determine forthwith that I would deem this the GREATEST comic ever.


As my friend Mackenzie, who alerted me to this here brilliance, knows, I frequently like to pronounce my love for house beats with the requisit “untz, untz, untz”, and perhaps a bit of a fist pump.

I’m not kidding.

But that’s not matter, really, since this space is about creativity  –and dammnit if I can’t say here at xkcd: A webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math, and language isn’t the best spot for creative comic-ry.

Published every Mon., Wed., and Fri., enjoy, gobble, galores!

Thanks Mack.