Reader Request: Scenes from my desk…

I adore desks; any desk I’ve ever had in my life has been rammed with all sorts of goodies: stationary, stickers, odds and ends, music, pens, markers, crayons…you name it.

It’s odd, though; my home doesn’t have a desk. There’s nowhere really to put it, actually, as I don’t have a second room for office space and the living room and dining room are open to one another, leaving little room for this lovely piece of furniture.

Alas, I go without, and its worked swimmingly, despite longing to one day have a desk. But that begs the inevitable question: would I even sit at it, or would I end up in the glider chair, or on the couch, or snuggled in bed, anyways?

But, a reader recently emailed and asked that I take snaps of my desk, ahem, as the next Reader Request series. And since I don’t have the heart to turn down a single request, I looked about my place and realized my coffee table (refinished in all its glory…well, glory is a strong albeit gracious term for my refinishing job) essentially acts as my desk.

At any given time, its filled with odds and ends not unlike what would be seen at a desk: crochet hook and knitting needle canisters, magazines, books, various Moleskine journals used for pattern design and knitting notes, current projects, and even notions.

Today, my “desk” was particularly organized chaos; this includes a current organic cotton project on the needles, last week’s New Yorker opened to a page-turning article on murder, law, and courtroom drama, a cup of coffee (obviously), and various books and journals for knitting.

What’s more, there’s a pile of small buttons, which is evidence that I’m in the finishing stages of a baby sweater started last week for a co-worker’s impending bundle (we seem to have loads of these this year…seriously, like 6 or 7). I think I’ve decided the white lacy sweater will have little peachy pink flower buttons, and of course, they sit most prominently on the desk, calling to me.

Thanks to the faithful reader who made the request, she will be receiving a special package courtesy of Kraftworkin’ Kitsch in the mail next week. For other Reader Requests, gander away.

File Under: What’s on your desk?

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