Construction contemplation…


I wanted a more minimalist look, and I’ve got it.

While it took some serious CSS tweaking (holy dorking out), I’ve finally turned this space into something sleek with loads of delicious white space.

Eventually (the plan has been so for years) I’d like to bring this space to its own domain, with a portion (cough, the blogging) still powered by wordpress. I’d like to maintain this cool theme; lots of gray, white, minimalism, clean lines…

By tweaking my code here, I’ve got more firm plans of what I’d like to do and not do this summer when this gets an entire overhaul. What’s more, I need some feedback on the following: should I bring KK and my now dead music blog Pulp and Circumstance under the same domain, but have landing links on some homepage where you can select which you’d like: Kraftwerk or Kraftwork (get it?)?

Please, thoughts thoughts thoughts. It could be a nice idea; seeing as much of the work done in this space (knitting, baking, beyond) are done to the pleasant sounds of many a band.

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