Geeking out…take trillion…

My boss in work gave me a new Android phone. While I’ve never been a “phone” person, I’ve had a blackberry for years and thought it was great enough, fantabulous, in fact, to get email and the web on my mobile.

But this Droid. Wow. I’ve got knitting apps, Tech Crunch, Mashable, and RWW on the go, as well as high res access to my Flickr and blog.

Just to prove how amazing all this is, a student of mine snapped this picture of me using my new Android today after school. I then uploaded it from phone to Flickr and then from Flickr to here.


File Under: This is frightening on so many levels. Frighteningly amazing, frighteningly cool for on the go publishing and media consumption…oh, and never mind how frightening this snap of me is…never mind that.

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