Garden go…

This weekend, there was plenty of planting in the sunshine; every summer, my mum has a pretty remarkable veggie garden, filled with cukes, tomatoes, an entire section of herbs, zucchini, coveted hot peppers like jalapenos, lettuces, green beans, bell peppers, strawberries, canteloupes, and even broccoli.

She gets quite a yield (if its not too hot or too rainy, but a nice mixture of the two) and doles it out to us family members on the reg, so it could be defined as “The Wolf Family C.S.A.”. Yum.

What’s more, we had plenty of digging help from the corgi, Sir Winston, and there was a lot of snaps for the Macro May Flickr Set.

While I do have a garden terrace here in Boston, my space is lacking for proper planting, so I can only rely on working a few pots, which I got started on filling this weekend–some by taking and splitting some of my mum’s plants. This included jalapenos, salsa peppers, basil, cilantro, chives, and mint (for mojitos, obviously!).

I’ll probably do a few tomato plants again this year; I had some descent success last go around.

City planting is an interesting animal; what do you manage to successfully pot plant here in Boston?

File Under: I can’t wait to make homemade salsas and minty mojitos! I should have a gathering, no?

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