Jeepers Creepers, this one’s a lil’ ingenue…

There’s something so intriguing about working with 6th, 7th, and 8th grade knitters–particularly, because, compared to other groups of students, they are so eager…and…

show such incredible ingenuity.

This lil’ Jeeper Creeper is the sole creation of one of my lil’ 6th graders in her first Term of knitting. She asked for very little guidance creating this guy–working her first knitted block in green and then deciding it’d be a great idea to make a similar block in yellow, and then, wait for it, to seam them together into this “little stuffed guy”, as she calls him.

Nary did she ask me how to do much of anything except of course when I taught her, in 5 seconds, how to cast on and execute the knit stitch. She also asked how to bind off and seam him up with stuffing inside.

But she came up, all on her own, with the little feeties at the bottom of Jeeper; this is when her creativity really flows.

Where some of my knitters would be annoyed at the inevitable–picking up random stitches or dropping them off for that matter–of beginner knitting, this here ingenue decided, “welp, I’ll turn this around and make it something”. And so, those random spots of picked up and dropped errors were fastened into feet.

File Under: We should all take some tips from these budding little minds. Cleverness abounds.

As always, more snaps of recent FOs from my knitters at its proper flickr set.

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