Nuked temps means cuked out…

There aren’t enough cucumbers in this world to keep me satisfied. I love love love that they are like 198.34% water, so they are perfect fooding in various forms for warm weather.

And today, it was a warmer.

So after an extra long run, which turned into a monumental sweatfest 2010 with about 20 minutes of lying on the floor when I returned home, the last thing I wanted to do was eat a gigantic meal.

Enter the cucumber sandwich, which is an absolute delight.

The spread is a combo of light sour cream and a few dabs of light whipped cream cheese. Top as many cuke slices as you’d like on top and that’s about it. I’ve also, at times, put some capers in there, too.

No ovens needed, no time wasted fretting over stove. It’s light, but filling, and if really hot weather makes your appetite a wee bit less ravenous like mine, this is the option for you.

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